Upcoming Speaking Events!

I'm going to be giving a couple talks coming up! I have included a list and description of each for you!

I will be speaking at Vincent Benjamin Recruiters on August 11th. This talk will be startup-centric as we discuss the available tech architectures available. Startups often times allow their developers to pick their architectures. This talk's aim is for little to middle knowledge startup owners. We aim to help a startup design a team that is optimal for them!

I am also going to be speaking at Desert Code Camp on October 8th! This talk is going to be about using the terminal to your advantage as a developer. How to utilize the terminal in order to optimize your development experience. Browsers are great, and GUI's are great, but often times the graphical interface can interfere with our efficiency as developers. Stop wasting time configuring, and start making time developing. Utilizing the terminal we can have a OS-agnostic, always standard development interface, from a MacBook, to an SSH session to Docker Container. I'll show you how to utilize the best tools for the job!

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