The Terminal.....It's Important

I recently gave a talk at Desert Code Camp 2016 entitled "Living In The Terminal, Making The Most Of Your Keystrokes". This talk was a struggle for me because I realized not everyone understands the inherent importance of the terminal in modern day programming. In fact, many languages can often require that you use their IDE's in order to debug them.

....I try to shy away from those languages(no offense).

I wanted to show the development community at Code Camp what you can do with a terminal, and why it's important that we all use it. The thesis of my presentation predicated on the concept that staying in the terminal is a more pure way of development, and also in vein of the original concepts of coding.

I also wanted to show off what you can do with just a Linux terminal, and some ingenuity, so I expanded my dotfiles. Using the new my-dotfiles setup I am able to transfer between 4 common desktop environments and setup my development atmosphere in less than 5 minutes and begin working like I was on my laptop.

You can check out the slides here:
Life In Terminal

You can check out the development atmosphere script here:

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