Sam Clark - Resume

Portland, OR


I am an avid fan of taking everything I do seriously. I am a firm believer that companies should hire managers, not employees. Leadership is key, and I will always strive to put myself into a leadership position.

Professional Experience


  • Software Engineer | October 2018 - Current
    • Management of the supply chain infrastructure for contact lense ordering and delivery.
    • Node cluster application management for aggregation of products.
    • AWS Heavy infrastructure and design with Cloudformation and SAM Templating.
    • Servereless(.com) architecture and management implementation of lambda based API's.
    • Stackery based updating of SAM templating files for infrastructure management.

Synapse Studios(synapse studios)

  • Developer | February 2018 - October 2018
    • Development of major node.js frontend application stacks.
    • Fullstack development of Node.js applications, utilizing Hapi, React/Redux
    • Docker tooling and template maintenance

Iced Dev(iceddev)

  • Developer | August 2015 - February 2018
    • Development of major node.js frontend application stacks.
    • Fullstack development on 2 projects in a 6 month time frame, utilizing Hapi, React/Redux, Redis, Postgresql.
    • Experience with Agile, Pivotal Tracker, and Github Issues models of development.
    • Development and maintenance of several IoT(Internet of Things) projects. This includes both open source and closed.
    • DevOps and Architecture Management.

Nile Coffee LLC. - Owner

  • Owner | December 2010- August 2015
    • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Reporting, Payroll/Employment, Tax, and Logistical Management.
    • Design/Build/Own/Operate Lo Fi Coffee, 105 W. Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201(2011-2015).
    • Design/Build/Own/Operate Mud Dauber Coffee, 2222 N. 16th St, Phoenix AZ 85006(2012-2014).

Coffee & Tea Express

  • Barista | August 2010-April 2011
    • Night shift coffee making
    • Implementation of Coffee Cart

United States Forest Service

  • Firefighter II | January 2010-September 2010
    • Aggressively fought fires to suppress them as well as managed fires to suit the purposes of fires natural course while bypassing man made structures.
    • Received multiple certifications for qualifications in the wildland firefighting industry.
    • Hazmat: HAZWOPR.

Paisley Violin LLC

  • Manager/Barista | October 2008-April 2009
    • Worked as a Barista at three different locations and learned the ins and outs of cafe work and management.
    • Worked as cafe manager at a satellite location in the YMCA. Interfacing with both the YMCA and the business to create new ideas to better give customers what they wanted.

United States Marine Corps

  • 0811 Cannoneer | October 2005-October 2009
    • Received Honorable Discharge on October 17th 2009 after four years of service.
    • Two deployments, one on the 31st MEU/SOC to Okinawa, Japan and one Combat deployment to Iraq in Al-Anbar Province.
    • Received Meritorious Masts on 4 different occasions.
    • Extensive knowledge of GPS usage and Orienteering. Including: declination of compasses, map reading, map creation. as well as pioneering tools.
    • Strict understanding of small unit leadership and how to maneuver a unit ranging of 7-15 people.

Alltel Corporation

  • Special Project Developer | August 2000-May 2005
    • Responsible for integration of web solutions integral to the operation of the business.
    • Interfacing with business analysts to create appropriate web solutions to track, find, fix issues across cellular networks.
    • Terminal emulation scripting to assist employees in efficiently fixing issues across different variations of network switches.
    • Four years of web-design for Content Management Systems utilizing PHP/MySQL, Perl, Javascript.

United States Army

  • 91B Combat Medic | April 1999-August 2001


  • Postgres Database Management

  • AWS DevOps, I have used about 75% of the product suite.

  • Docker Configuration and Cluster management.

  • Load Balancer Configuration & Management

  • General API design(REST)

  • Github Teamwork, Agile Development, Pivotal Tracker

  • Databases of almost any SQL origin, levelDB, several flat file systems

  • Javascript - Node.js, React, Flux Methodologies, JQuery, The DOM in general

    Qualifications & Education

  • Associates Degree, Social Work, 3.85 GPA, Phoenix College, Graduated December, 2012.

  • Colorado Fire Camp Attained S-130/S-190 as well as ICS-100 level certifications for wild land firefighting in 2009.

  • Dated Qualifications for United States Forest Service(available upon request).

  • Dated Qualifications for United States Military(available upon request).

  • Maricopa County Health Department Food Handler/Food Manager Certifications

  • American Heart CPR

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