I've spent a lot of time over the years working in different areas of development.


Site Examples

Due to some NDA, showing some work on closed source projects I am not allowed to show quite a few projects; however, here are some repos of examples of my work:

  • Happy Hapi - I REALLY enjoy writing backend code, and I also really enjoy flat file databses. Happy Hapi is a ready to go skeleton for a Hapi API that plugs directly into a JSON database with LowDB
  • Iced Dev - I did the conversion from Ghost to Metalsmith on the Iced Dev homepage.
  • Pagenodes - Pagenodes is an open source project for bringing an IoT environment to the browser(specifically Chrome). I was in charge of cleaning the codebase, implementing linting rules, and various other aspects of the development.
  • my-dotfiles - My dotfiles are important to me....so much that I configured a shell loader to be able to load my development atmosphere on anything from a Raspberry Pi to a VPS(but never Windows....I'm just not good at Windows). I gave a talk on this at 2016 Desert Code Camp
  • Coffee & Code - Coffee and Code, this was my first foray nito using GoLang.
  • Horrible Howtos -I started these about a year ago more as a personal reference, but every time i find something cool and easy to do technically. When I was learning React I used these a lot!


I really enjoy speaking publicly, having owned a business and done the web site development for it, and also going from no experience to working on 8 projects in the span of 6 months for production. I like to inspire small business owners who don't understand the modern world of "startup culture" to understand that sometimes they just need a web presence.

Here are some of my slides: slides.com

Favorite Website