Must Have Software For Your VPS

Last week I explained how to take advantage of a Digital Ocean droplet as a VPS.. This week I wanted to list a few of my favorite applications for working out of the command line.

You can hate on this list all you want, but the tools listed below are pretty fantastic for a fully functional system.

  • node.js - Node.js has great tools for linux
    Node isn't just for amazing web architectures! There is an amazing suit of tools that can be installed with node.js. It's time to stop thinking of it just as a web-design tool!

  • pm2 - Application management and monitoring
    This is a great tool for anyone to keep an application running within your control. Botting on IRC? Running your web server from the same machine? Use this handy tool to be able to keep them running and monitored at all time.

If you need a little bit more "unf" in your deployment and applications running, pm2 also works with keymetrics to give you everything you need for hosting and tracking a webserver and a functional application machine. Become the DevOp you've always wanted to be!

  • pip - Make Python work for you!
    Python is great, just like Javascript and Node.js it can be used to enhance your user experience from a terminal.

  • Rainbowstream - Twitter in color!
    Rainbowstream is one of those applications to make your life "that much" easier. Allows a live stream of your twitter account, and makes retweeting and writing tweets almost too easy.

  • irssi

    The best IRC client there is on the market. Easy to use, doesn't require you to pul lout your phone to check conversations every 2 minutes. irssi is great for anyone that craves on deman IRC.

  • vim - Text Editing at its finest
    I could have included a link to emacs or something else in here, but this is my preferred system of working on a VPS, so I went with VIM/TMUX. Vim has been around for a long time, it's probably not going to be going anywhere either.

    Built to be ergo dynamically friendly to developers, there really isn't anything bad to say about Vim.

  • tmux - screen to the max
    I really like tmux. It also stands for "Terminal Multiplexer" if you ever want to really sound smart. I also like it because it's easy to attach detach into during my mosh sessions on my vps.
  1. w3m
    Do you get distracted by having access to visual browsers? Yeah, I do too....That's why I try to use a w3m for all access to the web during the day. Making queries and references to libraries like MDN or other doc sites is a breeze.

I also like w3m because it has the best layout for gmail as you can see below. Don't worry, there's no special site for accessing gmail, they will automatically switch you to the html only site.

  • Emacs - Pretty much an OS within itself.

    Last,but definitely not least is Emacs. Spend a week using emacs, and you will truly come to understand how powerful a terminal by itself really is. Think of emacs as a combination of TMUX, vim, irssi, and an extension to terminal all at the same time.

Ultimately the choice for software is all at the inclination and skill level of the user. Making a good friendly work environment can be the difference between efficiency, and inefficiency later down the road.

Have any recommendations? Put them below!

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