Learning A Little Bit About Redux


** word to the wise, es6 and above is about the only way to understand anything about redux

** I am not a professional with redux, so don't take anything I say seriously.

I literally still do not think I fully understand the giant circular logic that is occuring in modern day web development. When I first left the coffee business and switched back to development the first thing my buddy Luis told me that I should learn was Redux. In retrospect I'm not quite sure if that was a good idea yet.

One thing to understand abour redux is that it's got nothing todo with React. Of course, there are a lot of things that are useful, and also a LOT of plugins built to tie it into react; however, the fact remains it can be designed completely independent.

The first thing to know about redux is that it's fucking amazing. Once you learn how it works, it simplifies the process of retrieval and storage of data in modern web applications. The second to know about redux is that all of its developers completely failed at writing interpretable documentation for their product. It's almost like tech has become a giant mish mash of made up words that fail to describe functionality.

I am going to walk you through a quick down and dirty interpretation of what Redux talks about. You may hate how I say, but I am going to give you the layman's terms for this.

  • THE VIEW - No it's not the view with Whoopi. The view is just your component or html that you're going to use to interact with your store.
  • ACTIONS - Simple items that past data to your reducer
  • ACTION CREATORS - used to pass an item to an action that passes an item to a reducer(ugh).
  • REDUCERS Interpret actions input via the use of switch statments. When I first learned switch statements I though "why in god's name would I ever need this in a browser.....well that day came. Reducers simply interpret the actions throughput and do something with it.
  • THE STORE Okay, so there is a REALLY TERRIBLE name for the whole concept behind redux....it's called "The Single Source Of Truth"...which in my opion is a little too dramatic and also pretty much not true since Javascript is a language of prototypes.

Redux/Flux is what I view as the future of development for large scale websites and applications. It's something we should all begin to wrap our heads around and implement more often than not.

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