I Organize Coffee & Code Phoenix

I'm very lucky in what I do on an every day basis as a developer that I get to meet a lot of super cool people that program. One of the biggest attributes of a good programmer is understanding what you can learn from other people. That being said it makes sense to go to social events where you can meet with other developers.

For the past four years Luis Montes has been running an event called Coffee & Code. My coffee shop that I owned at the time was a sponsor of the event for about two years, and it was an amazing time to be able to build upon my technical acumen while supporting a great environment of developers.

When I closed down my coffee shop, I decided that I wanted to run my own Coffee & Code in Phoenix, where I live. I got the permission of Luis to make it happen, and I hosted my first coffee and code at Changing Hands Bookstore.

Since then we have grown, sometimes having over 20 people attend, which can become a little bit burdensome on our hosts. We are still running pretty strong, and I would like to encourage any one in the Phoenix area to get out and attend.

Here is some better information:

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