Lessons Learned!

So, I have been thinking about this for awhile, but I really wanted to start sharing some lessons learned about work/life etc. I think the the theme for me this week was adaptability and thoroughness.

When I first started at my job I was absorbing the new ecosystem so fast that I really didn't go into great detail to think that eventually the reigns were going to be taken off, and I was going to be able to start working as hard as I could. One thing I learned this week is that now that I know the ecosystem, I NEED TO SLOW DOWN, and start taking what I Know about the job now and making sure I am applying thoroughness to it! I onboarded a new project on Monday, and while I was doing my first feature request I kind of breezed some areas where I KNOW I could probably have done better. I think part of this is being at a new job where testers are used instead of testing. Anyways to abbreviate my problems.

Backend/API Thoughts

  • Backend Validation -When you are working on server side validation, you should stop and consider how this will happen on the frontend. I think in my old job I got used to writing just API's that I never had to consume myself. My API should mirror my frontend validations ultimately. Likewise, when I'm writing my frontend Validation i should stop and consider how my backend is going to consume what I'm sending it.
  • Order Of Operations - When I'm writing a full stack feature from migration to API to frontend, I have found that I'm more comfortable approaching it from the backend to the frontend. It also gives me real data to work with so I don't have to mock things on the frontend and it cuts out a step in the process.


  • Order of Operations - Once again this is a big thing. One big problem I've had is assuming the data I am retrieving is always what I want. This week I decided I need to focus on starting on the data retrieval layer from the frontend to the backend to find out where the issue really is.

Anyways there's been a lot to reflect on, maybe as I go along I will use what I've learned this week to write a horrible howto or two!

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