Establishing A Single File Javascript Troubleshooting Pattern....

  • STOP.. throwing shitty codefixes against the wall and hoping they stick, think logically
  • Which side of the code are you on.....Client(response) or Server(reply)?
  • Have you googled atleast 3 different variations of your question?
  • Is there anything wrong with the case sensitivity?*
  • Are all required variables being used properly?
  • Is asyncronous code firing in an order that works for variables being used?
  • Have I stood up and walked around for a few minutes?
  • Have I stepped through the code?
  • If the code is too confusing and too many lines can i break it into multiple files for easier readability?
  • .....Talk to someone with more experience

*Does not apply to some operating systems

Above is a reference I want to bookmark for myself.

So I'm basically writing this post because at one year of doing Javascript development, and 6 months of doing it on production code, I have found that I often hit the same blockers over and over again.

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