10 year Anniversary of The Iraq War

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Sam Clark

These are really good slides, especially the first ones as I remember them a lot. I remember the night it all happened when I was sitting in The Paisley Violin on Roosevelt with David Fuller and if I remember right he had a bottle of whiskey with Dave #2 that evening. I remember sitting there thinking "man I hope this doesn't happen, but if it does I know what I'm doing". I remember the whole "shock & awe" verbage being thrown around.

I remember feeling super bummed because all the bro's I had from the time spent in the Army and how they were probably on that Kuwait border, it was only 3.5 years from my enlistment in the Army. I also remember feeling shame that I wasn't there, and even though I disagreed I needed to make sure I would do my part. A shame that really led to my eventual enlistment in the Marines in 2005. Sometimes when things happen of that magnitude it's our job to find out where we fit in the whole grand scheme. Sometimes we find ourselves choosing paths: protesting(god bless you), supporting from home, participating, or for the most part just carrying on day to day life functions.

It's strange how war affected so many people, and we still view it as forms of pop culture, but I think it's time to put the whole situation into the melting pot of history. Afghanistan, it will be the same when it ends some day. Maybe it's good to not make generalizations about those who fought, and remember that Iraqi or American they were just human beings who thought they were right. Sometimes we must accept that fact that as human beings we are prone to war, accept it and move on.

CNN Article on Iraq War

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